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If you suffer from this, then this tea is just right for you.

Thanks to the medicinal plants it contains, swelling, edema and toxins in the body can be easily reduced and your metabolism can be stimulated.

What others say about Limox:


Matthias Sch. Matthias Sch.

Wonderful tea! You can really feel the feeling, the effect on your body. You feel lighter and have more energy day by day. There has even been a change in the bedroom - that's all I'm saying lol. I have recommended this tea to my male friends.

Lisa H. Lisa H.

This tea is just amazing. I really didn't expect to see such a big difference and I've only been using it for 8 days! These photos show how bloated I was at the beginning, after 5 days and then again today
Morning!!!! I can't wait to see how flat my stomach is after 14 days.

Fatma A. Fatma A.

I really recommend this tea! Not only do I no longer feel bloated, but as a huge bonus I have lost 3.8kg just by drinking a nice hot tea before bed!

Emma K. Emma K.

I love love love this tea! I didn't buy this tea for the weight loss, mainly for the bloating and constipation and it works great! I love waking up every morning and looking in the mirror
and to see how flat my stomach is😍😍

Johanna S. Johanna S.

I started drinking this weight loss and detox tea a month ago and I have to say, I'm thrilled! At first I was a bit skeptical about whether a tea could really make a difference, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised.

Elisa P. Elisa P.

Your tea helped me so much. Thank you!


It's time to turn your dreams into reality!

If you want to lose weight but cannot control your appetite or cannot lose weight because of your slow metabolism, it may become possible to make your dreams come true thanks to Limox Tea.

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